About Us

PropertyHomeAuto.com was created as a safe space for you to learn all about homeowners insurance, auto insurance and other kinds of property insurance. All without being lead towards one company or a set of specific companies. Yes, we may have ads, but it is not our purpose to sell you insurance – just to educate you.

About Our Founder, Carly Cummings

Here is a little bit about our founder and main writer, Carly Cummings, who is an insurance agent that has sold many types of insurance in both Life/Health and workers comp in Property/Casualty. She is also the founder of MedicareLifeHealth.com, our sister site where you can learn all about Medicare and Life Insurance as well as how to plan for retirement.

Carly Cummings is a licensed insurance agent that has a background both on the consumer side and the carrier (insurance company) side of insurance. Carly has worked as a licensed agent, in house, at a large Berkshire Hathaway owned insurance carrier, and outside both as a captive agent/financial representative and as an independent agent. 

Carly has previously been licensed for trading with a Securities License and Financial Advising License. She currently holds NE & IA Life/Health Insurance Licenses, and has been previously licensed in P&C as well. Carly also owned a successful small business in the health and wellness industry for many years before working in insurance and finance.

Carly’s varied background has given her a strategic view of the finance/insurance industry and how best to help her clients and readers. Carly loves helping people, and she is also a wife and a mother of two strong daughters.